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Booster Fit

Ryan - 10 years old, 58 lbs, 51.5" tall.

5 Step Test

The 5 step test sitting correctly against back of seat.  In order to sit this way, he has to push on the front seat to keep from slouching.  You can see the lap belt fits very well, low on his hips.

The 5 step test with knees correctly bent at edge of seat.  In order to bend his knees, he has to scoot forward.  This leaves a gap large enough for an adult arm between his back and the vehicle seat and allows the lap belt to ride up on the abdomen.


Graco Turbo Booster

The Graco Turbo Booster is on the highest setting.  It still fits him height-wise, although he will probably be too tall in the next 4-6 months.  The Turbo Booster positions the lap belt nice and low.

The Graco Turbo Booster does not fit his legs very well.  His legs hang off the edge almost 2 inches before the knee and he complains about his legs being uncomfortable and falling asleep. 


Britax Parkway

Ryan in the Britax Parkway.  The Parkway will go one setting taller.  


Ryan found the Parkway "extremely uncomfortable".  His legs hang off almost as far as the Turbo booster, but the slope of the seat toward the front means the legs are not supported until nearly mid-thigh.


Graco Air Booster

Ryan in the Graco Air Booster.  This one fit him very well.  The height adjustment can go up three more settings (very tall).  This is the booster that he currently uses.  Initially he didn't like the mesh seat, but once he tried it out in the car (and was convinced it could be cleaned), he wanted it. 


The Air Booster supports his legs very well!  The seat depth is perfect for a bigger child.  The armrests do a great job of holding the lap belt down on the hips.


Evenflo Big Kid Confidence

Ryan in the Evenflo Big Kid Confidence.  The Confidence has height, width and depth adjustments 

This shows the depth at it's maximum adjustment.  The seat doesn't have any armrests to hold the lap belt down, so it sits higher on him than in other boosters. 


Britax Monarch

The Britax Monarch.  Ryan didn't like the Monarch because the side torso wings prevent him from using the vehicle seat armrests.


You can see the depth of the seat really doesn't fit his legs.  The armrests keep the belt nice and low.


Recaro Start

The Recaro Start.  The headrest on this seat can be difficult to adjust.  The seat itself it very heavy, though it can be tethered.   Ryan said the seat was so shallow he felt like he was falling off.


You can see the seat is way too short, but the depth is adjustable (updated picture coming).  The armrests keep the belt nice and low.


Compass B510

Ryan in the Compass B510.  Initially this was Ryan's top choice.  However, after sitting in it in the van, he found it wasn't as comfortable as he hoped.  He could feel the edges of the moveable back through the cover and said it was digging into him.  


The seat depth is better than most of the boosters, but not quite as deep as the Graco Air Booster or Evenflo Confidence.













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