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Damian - 6 years, 6 months

Damian is now 7 years old and has outgrown the Regent.  This picture shows his last day in the seat (November 2006).  He had a huge growth spurt of over 8" that was still in it's stages at that point.

Damian is 6 years old.  Damian is 50 inches tall and weighs 53 lbs.  Damian is shown here in the Britax Regent.  Damian's brother Jeffrey is also harnessed past 40 lbs.

Mom's Notes: Damian has bipolar disorder, PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay, which is Autistic Tendencies), and Mild Scoliosis.  He had been moved to a booster when he outgrew typical harnessed seats, but had never slept well in them, most likely due to his spine, and would get bruising on his back from the booster. We moved him to the Britax Regent to put him back into a 5-point harness, not just to keep him safer, but to keep his back straight not just at home, but in the car. Since moving him to the Regent, we've noticed no more bruising on his back along the spine, he's staying straight backed even after long car rides, and he does not drag his feet as badly after riding in the car as he used to.  We advocate anyone with a child that has any type of spinal curve to PLEASE keep them harnessed as long as you can.  He did not qualify for a prescription, so the doctors could not tell us we needed to, but they agreed it would be good, so we put the money into it.  Now we do not have to worry about looking back and seeing our child sleeping with his head on his knees, finding bruises on his back, or seeing him look more curved after being in the car or dragging his feet more after riding in the car.  He prefers the Regent to the booster, calling it his comfy seat, and can buckle himself far more easily than he could in the booster.... all I ever do is tighten him... he does everything else himself.


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